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2289 – An Athos exhibition in Haarlem, The Netherlands

The Art Center Haarlem (Kunst Centrum Haarlem, gallery and art library), the Netherlands regularly exhibits collections of fellow citizens. The exhibition takes place in a little shop window of the organization and can only be seen from the street side. … Continue reading

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1707 – Mules or cars?

This is a scene you won’t see on the piers of Athos anymore. But in the 1940ties, when there were no cars  and distant monasteries had to be reached, visitors had to use mules for transportation. They even took the … Continue reading

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1677 – A man in Dionysiou 1941

In 1941 a German scientific expedision visited Athos. Prof Dr Dölger and his team did a lot of research and made a lot of photographs.  Many of them published in his book Mönchsland Athos. New images, some of them not to … Continue reading

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1444 – book Dölger: Athos monasteries in 1941

In 1941 a German scientific expedision visited Athos. Prof Dr Dölger published a book in 1942, with many black and white pictures (also see 599, 1399 and 1281). Diamonitirion 1941 Today I will show the old pictures of the monasteries we plan to … Continue reading

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1399 – Books: Mönchsland Athos – 1942

During World War II the Nazies occupied Greece and Mount Athos, as mentioned before in this weblog (see categories “war“). It also gave Germans scholars the opportunity to do scientific investigations: the Byzantologist prof dr  Dölger visited Athos in 1942 with … Continue reading

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1218 – Athos and the Second World War

Athos: Easter 1941 In blog no. 1119 and 1176  I reviewed the book “Wege am Athos” from Reinhold Zwerger. A chapter about the 2nd World War (page 237 and further) is of special interest, because we can show you some … Continue reading

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675 – Photographer Karyes 1941

A German photographer in Karyes in 1941 with a, also in that period, very old camera shooting pilgrims. The photo is from the book Monchland Athos by Dolger. hv

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659 – Gifts to Jesus

The Wise Men then presented Jesus with three gifts – gold (a precious alloy), frankincense (perfume) and myrrh (anointing oil). Scholars debate whether the gifts were medicinal or materials, but each had symbolic value. Gold was kingship on earth, while … Continue reading

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599 – Books: Mönchsland Athos 1942

A quote from an article I found concerning this German expedition during the second World war: Furthermore, a German expedition of 1942 enabled F. Dölger and his associates to record on film the great collection of monastic charters, property deeds … Continue reading

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