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1887 – Esfigmenou: Saloniki court sentences zelotes

Penalty of 20 years imprisonment imposed by the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki to the abbot of the Old Brotherhood of the Holy Monastery Esfigmenou of Mount Athos, as well as in another monk of the same brotherhood on the incidents … Continue reading

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1728 – the Lavra Konaki in Karyes

In three posts (1269, 1270 and 1272) I showed you pictures of almost all Konaki’s of the monasteries in Karyes. One of the missing was the Konaki of Lavra, nr 65, just outside the map below, on the far right. … Continue reading

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1273 – the story of the two Esfigmenou "konaki"

In addition to the last three posts about the Konaki in Karyes and the item about the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Esfigmenou konaki – buildings nr 23 and 23A – , our reader Hans Overduin send us this article. He found … Continue reading

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1272 – the Konaki of Karyes (part 3)

In Blog number 1269 and 1270 I showed you pictures of some houses where the presentatives of the monasteries dwell during their stay in the capital. Today we start at the red nr. 3 on the map. Number 34 on the map … Continue reading

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1270 – the Konaki of Karyes (part 2)

Let’s resume our walk through Karyes. In post 1269 I ended the tour with a picture of two large buildings (nr 50 and 51), belonging to Chilandariou. On this map post 1269 starts at nr 1, today we start at … Continue reading

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1269 – the Konaki of Karyes (part 1)

Karyes – backside of the Epistatia-building and the tower of the Protaton (3th Oct. 2011) All the representatives who are part of the Holy Epistatia, the governement of Athos, with the Protos as their chairman, have their own houses in … Continue reading

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