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2277 – forest fire at Stavrós junction near Kerasia

Yesterday evening a fire broke out at a very remote point on Athos, near the junction called Stavrós, where the monopati from skiti Agia Anna and Lavra splits on goes up to the top of Mount Athos. The monks located … Continue reading

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2253 – another You Tube footage by Rafinos of a hike from Agia Anna to Kerasia and to the top of Mount Athos, including the enormous waterspout

The latest video of the Greek pilgrim dates from the first of November 2022. On this nice footage with dramatic music at the end he and his friend Angelos start their climb from arsanas Agia Anna, where he almost slides … Continue reading

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2177 – Landslides and Tsunamis in 1905

In earlier post we paid attention to the large earthquake of 1905 with an estimated magnitude ranging from 6.8 to 8.3. Eleven persons were reportedly killed.  In 2019/20 an scientific article was published with the title The Large Earthquake (~ M7) … Continue reading

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2095 – the hike from Kavsokalivia to Panaghia refuge

Our main goal during our 2019 pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain was to reach the top of Mount Athos. We decided to do the climb in two stages: day one from Kavsokalivia to the Panaghia refuge and day two the … Continue reading

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1450 – “There is something delightful and deeply moving about Kerasia”

Above Kerasia with the Profiti Illiou rock Kerasia is situated at the south slope of the mountain and is an ideal startingpoint if you want to climb to the summit of Mount Athos (2026m) because Kerasia lies on a altitude … Continue reading

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1048 – The marble white church of Kerasia

This picture of the construction of a white marble churche on the slopes (700 meter) of the mountain near Kerasia we showed earlier. The work on this building is still in progress. The work goes very slowly because all the … Continue reading

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528 – Kerasia

This picture is taken on the path from Kavsokalivia to Kerasia. It is at almost 700 meters and the summit of Mount Athos visible high up. Kellion with chapel near Kerasia. Foto’s by hv, may 2007 hv

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402 – Marble church Kerasia

Situation 2006 Photo by J.B van der Lecq. Thanks for your permission. See his site in dutch but with an English summary Athosvrienden. Situation 2007 Photo by J.B. van der Lecq Situation may 2007 photo by wv. There is no … Continue reading

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