2019 – Helicopter crash in 2004

Today, 14 years ago , a fatal helicopter crash happened just outside the coast of Sithonia peninsula. Everyone on board died. The Chinook helicopter from the Greek army was on its way to Mount Athos, probably to the Heli platform in Karyes with on board , amongst others, the Patriarch of Alexandria, responsable for Orthodox Africa. The names of all the victims are put on this monument which I saw a couple of days ago while staying in Porto Koufo at the south end of Sithonia. The monument seems to be an initiative of the Greek army because the names of the crew members are accompanied with a photo and a military helicopter, of another type, is standing behind the actual monument. The cause of the accident was probably mechanical failures. Boeing, the manufacturor of the Chinook, was sewed and had to pay compensations.porto koufo.png

  • Herman Voogd
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3 Responses to 2019 – Helicopter crash in 2004

  1. Jitze says:

    Mooi dat is een goeie invulling voor het programma voor ons verblijf in Porto Koufo!!

  2. Bertinos says:

    Apparently, the helicopter flight, day-to-day 3 years after 9/11, was intended for President Putin, who decided in extremis not to take it, but to go by car instead. Therefor, the helicopter flight was offered to H.B. Patriarch Petros of Alexandria.
    Evere since, these circumstances have lead to conspiracy theories.

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