1835 – reservation by email: modern times on Athos?

I think there is not a pilgrim who had no difficulties to make a swift and easy reservation to spend a night in monastery. The reason? They still use the oldfashioned fax. Eather you do not get connexion, or it might be that the fax machine is out of order or monks just don’t answer your fax message.

This is why it is hopefull to see that more and more monasteries and skites throw their fax machines finally out and start to communicate by email. I have been collecting email adresses in the past time and with the help of our readers I have collected some adresses.

The big question is, is the list complete? Who can help us to add more email adresses, to provide our readers with the most up-to-date information ? Please help us and sent a comment or email.

To start with: every pilgrimage to Athos starts with a email send to the pilgrimsbureau in Ouranopolis:

athosreservation at sign gmail.com

only after you have permission from the the pilgrimsbureau to visit Athos you can contact the monasteries.

Email adresses of the monasteries.

Please notice: we use the words “at sign” instead of the symbol @, to prevent spy-bots to hack the email adresses of monasteries (thanks Japetusgr).

Guido gave us this adress: agiosnifon at sign gmail.com (January 2018 – thanks)

visit at sign agiou-pavlou.gr (thanks Vladislav 2/12/17)

We have 18 adresses of monasteries now, one does not use email, only 1 to go, Stravronikita (18/9/18).



prodromuarhondaric at sign yahoo.com (thanks Gavriil 24/8/18)

Nea skiti: evangelismos.neaskiti at sign gmail.com(thanks Michael, 12/2/17). Or try to contact Father Eusebios Christofi from England on Facebook.

Skiti Xenofontos: eugeniosathos at sign gmail.com or nikonathos at sign gmail.com


Timiou Stavrou – Father David: crest1969 at sign hotmail.com

Michalis made me aware of this website from the Mount Athos Center, with lots of information.

Wim, 18/09/2018 – update 6

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50 Responses to 1835 – reservation by email: modern times on Athos?

  1. Ioan says:

    Agiou Pavlou – monastery (moni@agiou-pavlou.gr ; evdokimos at sign me.com)

  2. michalis says:

    Xenophontos monastery: arhontariki at sign imxenophontos.gr

  3. Alasdair Brooks says:

    I’m fairly certain I had an e-mail confirmation from Philotheou for my 2014 trip. Philotheou and Iviron (which you already have) confirmed by e-mail; Gregoriou and the Lavra didn’t. I’ll see if I still have that Philotheou address on record somewhere, and can hunt it down; but even if not, I know they do have one.

  4. Dionysiou monastery: grafiotaxis at sign yahoo.com

  5. Bart Corijn says:

    Het e-email adres van Grigoriou is: imog at sign cosmotemail.gr

  6. Great Lavra: iera.moni.megistis.layras at sign gmail.com
    Philotheou: grammateia at sign philotheou.gr

  7. athosweblog says:

    Joseph, just to be sure: is “layras” spelled alright, or should it be “lavras”?
    Regards, Wim

  8. Cris says:

    Koutloumousiou: imk.athos at sign gmail.com

  9. michalis says:

    Esphigmenou at Karyes : info at sign esphigmenou.gr

  10. Vasílis says:

    Nr 03 above, Iviron: you read now imiviron, starting with ‘i’. Should be starting with ‘m’. (see Michalis’ reply

  11. Nathaniel says:

    The second email of the Nea Skiti is wrong. When I sent them a letter for reservation I received this reply:

    Dear Sir, this is a personal email and cannot respond to hospitality notes. Thank you!
    Αυτό είναι προσωπικό email και δεν ανταποκρίνεται σε αιτήματα φιλοξενίας. Ευχαριστώ πολύ!

    The first email: eugeniosathos at sign gmail.com is not the email of Nea Skiti too. This is email of the Xenofontini skiti.

  12. athosweblog says:

    Thanks for your update! I knew that father Nikon en Eugenios from Nea skiti would move to skiti Xenofontos, but I didn’t know when. Wim

    • Aliaksandr says:

      Dear Brothers, could you please provide e-mail of Agios Andreas Skiti, Nea Skiti, Kafsokalivion Skiti?

      • athosweblog says:

        Sorry, we do not have any infomation about emailadresses of these three skiti. I had one of father Nikon, but he moved to skiti Xenofontos. Maybe he can give you an email adress in Nea Skiti. nikonathos at sign gmail.com . Or you can try to reach father Eusebios Christofi through Facebook, he lives in Nea Skiti.

  13. Велимир says:

    10 Docheiariou – dohiarmon at sign gmail.com

  14. Michael Richter says:

    Maybe I can give an email adress in Nea Skiti: evangelismos.neaskiti at sign gmail.com or iera.nea.skiti at sign gmail.com .

    • Nathaniel says:

      The email: iera.nea.skiti at sign gmail.com “cannot respond to hospitality notes”. Look up my comment 18 November 2016

  15. Sean Surlow says:

    This is a great list… I look forward to seeing it as it gets updated.

  16. Sean Surlow says:

    This is a great list… I look forward to seeing it as it gets updated. Very Interesting photographs of the disinterred Fr. It makes you realize how short our time here on Earth is and to make the most of our time here…

  17. John says:

    Philotheou Monastery address for reservations is philotheou.filoxenia at sign gmail.com

  18. Gabriel says:

    The e-mail pantokvisit at sign gmail.com is not in use any longer. Any request for accommodation in the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator should be sent exclusively to filoxenia at sign pantokrator.gr

  19. Catalin says:

    Good afternoon
    do you have the email address for Saintt Andrew Skiti in Karyes?

  20. straniero38 says:

    Do you know about Simonopetra and Xenofontos if they accept reservation via email?

  21. Милош Ћирић says:

    I wonder if anyone managed to visit the Xeropotamou Monastery?

  22. Angel Yordanov says:

    Hello everybody,
    I wood like to note, that the mail karakallou at sign yahoo.com is not correct, every time I receiving undelivered MAILER DAEMION message

  23. George says:

    When you send a request to Philotheou Monastery to their grammateia at sign philotheou.gr address they answer by redirecting you to write again to their philotheou.filoxenia at sign gmail.com address. To avoid a needless distraction to the fathers and a waste of effort to the pilgrims, it seems it would be better to remove their grammateia at sign philotheou.gr address from your list.

  24. John says:

    do you know the email address of the skiti of St. Andrew in Karyes?

  25. Ι. Μονή Παντοκράτορος says:

    Christ is risen! The Pantokratoros monastery has a new email address: filoxenia at sign pantokrator.gr

  26. japetusgr says:

    I would like to suggest to the webmasters, as there are numerous spybots on the internet today searching for email addresses in order to send spam mail, to help protect the privacy and peace of the monks who are receiving these mails trying to find actual pilgrim reservation requests among tons of spam mail, by concealing the adresses somehow.

  27. David Behar says:

    Hello to friends of Mount Athos
    I have difficulty to reach the Dionisiou monastery – I have tried by email and fax – and got no response
    Anyone can help with the latest updated communication link to the monastery?
    Many thanks and blessings

  28. Gavriil says:

    The Romanian Skete “Prodromos” have this email: prodromuarhondaric at sign yahoo.com

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