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2122 – The old pilgrimage routes to the Holy Mountain

This old map from a German book dated 1934 makes it clear that the pilgrim’s  route to the Holy Mountain started in Ierissos. There were two possibilities, the eastern route to Vatopedi, Iviron and eventually Lavra and the route that … Continue reading

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2120 – An evening, night and early morning in Prodromou

Just before sunset we arrived in Prodromou, the Romanian skete at the edge of the peninsula. We were quiet tired from the afternoon walk from Kavsokalivia via Nilou and the crossing of the stone fall of Megali Sara. The walk … Continue reading

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2023 – A walk along the border

This September I spent the holidays with my wife in the beautiful Skites Resort between Ouranoupolis and the Athos border. No plans to visit Athos but after some  time I felt the urge to make a long walk and see … Continue reading

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1355 – Skiti Anna: the interior

(this continues blog 1340) After a long hike from Prodromou to the top of Mount Athos I finally reached this beautiful place: my friends asked the Archondaris to leave some dinner for me, because I arrived late. I was given … Continue reading

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1192 – Athos wildlife: jackal (and other animals)

Our reader Gabriel informed us about the existence of jackals on Mt. Athos. Gabriel tells us that they eat corpes of other animals (and humans?). In 2005 the Greek WWF made a survey of the Golden jackal (Canis Aureus) in … Continue reading

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