2167 – Special Offer nr 4: 50% discount on watercolors of Christos Baloukos

Today I will present the next four watercolors made by the Greek artist Christos Baloukos. As shown before in posts 2161, 2163 and 2164, all the pieces of art are unique and one of a kind. Athosweblog has made special deal with artist and we offer the watercolors with a discount for our readers and visitors of 50%! The prize of a painting -35×50 cm- is € 300,00 (including shipping).

You can order them directly from mr. Baloukos at this e-mail adress: cbaloukos@gmail.com, adding the number of the watercolor that you find under the image in this blog. He will take care of the payment by Paypal and the shipping.

The first watercolor is from the entrance of I.M. Filotheou:

I.M. Filotheou in 2017 – nr 2167 – 80
I.M. Filotheou 2009

For the people who do have the opportunity to go here: on this photo you can check that it is the same spot (from my photo library, shot in 2009). The vivid colors mr. Baloukos used in his watercolor makes the place even more beautiful!

2016: Kerasia – nr. 2167 -73

Kerasia lies on one of the most pristine and deserted pieces of land you can find on the Holy Mountain (and maybe in Europe). On the foot of the 2033 meters high Athos mountain some monks gathered to live their lives close to God in seclusion and in contemplation. A Kerasia monk from the US told us during a taxitrip to Lavra in 2019 that you have to have a special permit (blessing) from the elder to spent the night here. Not many pilgrims that I know of did get that permit.

Aerial of Kerasia: flight over Athos in 2017
Skiti Prodromou – nr 2167 – 75

This a detail of the two domes and the bellfry, above the entrance of the Rumenian skete of Timiou Prodromou, seen from the courtyard. Christos made a fine artist impression with blue skies, white clouds and the yellow sun behind them, in contrast with the top of Mount Athos and the colorfull stones of the building. A well chosen scene and a fine piece of art! In 2011 I took a picture of this part of the building:

Prodromou 2011: photo Wim Voogd

And last but not least: the harbour of Dafni with pilgrims leaving the boat:

The taxi boat Mikra Anna arriving at Dafni harbour 2017: 2167 – 82

Almost every pilgrim arrives or leaves from the port of Dafni. Here on this watercolor of Christos Baloukos a small group of pilgrims are leaving the small boat and touch the ground of Athos for the first time. For me, even after 13 visits, this moment is a very special one: the first step on Athos soil again gives an extraordinary feeling, difficult to describe. On the scene above this moment is frozen in time.

Leaving from Dafni on the big boat Axion Estin during a thunderstorm on Oktober 4th 2019 – photo by Wim Voogd

The (other) paintings of Christos Baloukos are also on display in the luxury Capital Hotel MGallery Collection in Athens, where you can see art of many well known Greek artists of the last 100 years. Christos is very proud to have a big painting on every floor.

Wim Voogd, 8 September

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