2168 – Special Offer nr 5: 50% discount on watercolors of Christos Baloukos

This week I will end the special offers with – for the time being – the last two watercolors of the Greek artist Christis Baloukos: houses near Dionysiou and Ivirón.

I.M. Dionysiou – nr 2168- 111
I.M Ivirón – nr 2168-100

The terms are the same as the watercolors for sale in posts 2161, 2163, 2164 and 2167: we made a special deal with the artist and we offer the watercolors with a discount for our readers and visitors of 50%! The prize of a painting -35×50 cm- is €300,00 (including shipping).

You can order them directly from mr. Baloukos at this e-mail adress: cbaloukos@gmail.com, adding the number of the watercolor that you find under the image in this blog. He will take care of the payment by Paypal and the shipping. For more examples of his art (also oil paintings), please take a look at his website.

Wim Voogd, 14/9

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