2163 – more Special Offers: Athos watercolors by Christos Baloukos

In post 2161 I showed the first three of the in total 17 watercolors that will be on sale with a 50% discount for readers of our Athosweblog. Today I proudly present the next three watercolors, two of them are from the neighbourhood of Karyes: the cell of Saint Paisios and the cell of Maroudá. The other watercolor is from I.M. Konstamonitou.

The cell of Saint Paisos – nr 2163 – 65
The cell of Maroudá of father Makarios nr 2163 – 68
I.M. Konstamonitou – nr 2163 – 66

All watercolors are unique, so there are no copies of these works of art. The size of all watercolors that we offer is 35×50 cm. You can order them directly from mr. Baloukos at this e-mail adress: cbaloukos@gmail.com, adding the number of the watercolor that you find under the image in this blog. He will take care of the payment by Paypal and the shipping.

The deal that we could make for our readers is a reduction of 50%, so the prize of one original Baloukos watercolor now is € 300,00 (including shipping).

Feel free to have look at the website of Christos Baloukos and ask him if other watercolors also are covered by this special offer of 50% discount. One of our regular visitors did this last week and he bought the watercolor that you can see below, also with a 50% reduction on the prize!

I.M. Esfigmenou – sold out!

Wim Voogd, 22-8

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  1. Dimitris says:

    I wonder if he would be willing to take commissions for new paintings and what the cost and timescale would be for such a thing. I would love to have paintings of certain monasteries and Athonite views done based on some of my photos.

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