1714 – the Saint George chapel near Morfonou

As mentioned before in other posts on this weblog, Athos keeps surprizing me with unknown places and buildings, like this small chapel of St. George. According to the Rumenian Pemptousia website the chapel lies on a half an hour climb from Morfonou in the direction of the Provata area.

The chapel belongs to Lavra. Lavra monks recently (?) started with the renovation of the chapel, that obviously is in need for a quick repair. The surrounding area is cleared.

Here are the pictures (thanks Pemptousia):



05IRI6432-2-1024x683  08IRI6436-2-1024x683

06IRI6434-2-1024x683  09IRI6459-2-1024x683

The last picture in the dome showes Christ Pantocrator: according to Pemptousia the image has many similarities with the frescoes in the church Protaton in Karies, the capital of the Holy Mountain.

29IRI6495-2-1024x683Skulls of deceased monks are still in situ: a fine picture!





14IRI6445-2-1024x68320IRI6470-2-1024x683Above a fine wood curved and colorfull painted iconostasis and the frescoes appear to have a high quality.

24RI6490-2-683x1024 25IRI6491-2-683x1024 26IRI6492-2-683x1024

28IRI6493-2-1024x68321IRI6475-2-1024x683Pemptousia says the chapel was in use until the 19th century as a “Sunday church of Provata” (Până în secolul paraclisul XIX, Paraclisul Sfântul Gheorghe a fost chiriaco (biserică de duminică) al schitului Provata). The chapel is said to be forgotten for more then one century!

Does anyone know more about this small jewel hidden in the forrest? Where does it situated excactly? When were these pictures taken? How old is the chapel, who used it, why is it far from a monastery ? Who painted the frescoes, and when?

Many questions to answer and lots of things to discover!

Wim Voogd, 23/4

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4 Responses to 1714 – the Saint George chapel near Morfonou

  1. Very Nice. Great detail in the iconostasis. It would be great to see more photos of it someday…

  2. Florin Niculescu says:

    congratulationas for your lovo for this heavened places.I are like an ambasador of Holy Monuntain in Holand!

  3. Alfonso says:

    Hello Wim,
    As they say also in Pemptousia, the painting style has very much in common with that of Franco Catelano. But this is only a guess.

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