1715 – Provata

Between Karakalou and Lakkou Skiti lies the area called Provata. It is a settlement of a few larger kellions, f.e. Panaghia, St. George and St Andreou, witch were founded by mainly Slavic monks. The settlemnet we visited is one of the largest houses and it also bears the name Provata (?), like the surroundings, whilst the Rumenians call it Cucuvino.

Provata Road Map (Large)Here is Provata on a part of my Road Map, with the ‘new’ monopati I discovered in September last year (blue pen). The monopati or road from Lakkou to Morfonou is not drawn, but I know it is there. The Amalfi tower is mistakenly drawn landinwards: in reality is not far from Morfonou beach.

cucuvino2Picture from Pemptousia with a view of Provata

DSCN5211 (Large)SAM_0981Arriving at the gate: a modern four wheel car and garagesSAM_0979The courtyard and the gateDSCN5210 (Large)The door to the kitchen/trapeza and church

We recieved a warm welcome by a friendly pilgrim from Moldavia, who explained that Provata is inhabited by Moldavian monks. Allthough Moldavia used to be part of a large Rumenian empire, nowadys it an independant state. That means Athos had another group of monks within its bounderies, besides the Greek, Russian, Ukranian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Rumenian monks.

DSCN5201 (Large)SAM_0980Our host asked us to wait a while before we could have lunch, because the kitchen was already full with pilgrims. In the meanwhile we could pay a visit to the church.DSCN5205 (Large)SAM_0977Provata churchDSCN5202 (Large)Iconostasis


DSCN5204 (Large)                DSCN5203 (Large)

DSCN5213 (Large)The courtyard of Provata, with a Cross under a small roof


SAM_0978DSCN5208 (Large)The gardens with fruit trees and vines (looking towards Morfonou)SAM_0991A few mintes later we had a lovely meal, with salted fish (sardines), a special baked yellow corn bread and the best (Moldavian) wine I ever drank on Athos.SAM_0985DSCN5214 (Large)DSCN5215 (Large)DSCN5207 (Large)The backside of the Provata residence with a large balcony behind the treesSAM_0988SAM_0987The balcony with our friendly host, with a telescope.

Wim Voogd, 27/4

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  1. Bertinos says:

    “Πρόβατα” (sing: πρόβατο ) means “sheep” in Greek, which – according to Google Translate – could be translated as “ovine” in Romanian (“Cu ovine”= with sheep).
    “Cucu vine” is supposed to mean “the cuckoo comes”.

  2. Bertinos says:

    While as “Cucu vino” is supposed to mean “Come, peek/have a look”.

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