1511 – Xylourgou or Bogoroditsa

In post 1505 we told you about the coming millenium of the Russian presence on Athos in 2016 and the plan to restore the old Russian properties, including Xilourgou, the settlement of the Assumption of Our Lady. google planPlan of Xylourgou (Google maps), with (at that time) ruined buildings, directly on the right after entering.

The next picture is shot on the road in the upper left corner of this picture, looking towards Xylourgou.

The upcoming restauration was one of the reasons to pay a visit to Xylourgou in September 2013, because in a few years time it might look quite different! Let’s hope that the Russians will NOT cover Mount Athos with tarmac, to transport President Putin to the renovated buildings in 2016. DSCN2169 (Large)

  The stone walls of access road leading to the main road are under construction   DSCN2170 (Large)Xylourgou, with Skiti Profitou Eliou in the background DSCN2171 (Large)Looking back to the access road DSCN2188 (Large)The entrance doors of the main gate DSCN2189 (Large)The courtyard with a well and the katholicon behind it. On the left the main building , and on the far left the ruined buildings and a chapel DSCN2172 (Large)A closer view of the ruined buildings in the left corner of the courtyard DSCN2173 (Large)The main building of Xylourgou DSCN2190 (Large)detail of the main building DSCN2183 (Large)The main building seen from the other site (South) DSCN2184 (Large)The door of the main building DSCN2185 (Large)Detail of the fresco above the door                  DSCN2187 (Large)Bells in the corridor

The right corner of the courtyard (N). Most buildings here seem to be renovated recently. DSCN2174 (Large) DSCN2175 (Large) DSCN2176 (Large)The katholicon DSCN2177 (Large)A closer look inside: at that moment a service took place. DSCN2192 (Large)An icon in the lithi DSCN2179 (Large)Outside the settlement: the gardenDSCN2180 (Large)The garden, with the church on the right DSCN2181 (Large)The edge of the garden DSCN2182 (Large)The garden with the chapel DSCN2178 (Large)Photo of Skiti Profitou Eliou, towards the South

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