1510 – Gregoriou: a warm welcome for a pilgrim

8 gregorGregoriou is first mentioned in documents of 1347 and 1348. In 1489 it is decribed as being Serbian later it was Greek again. It was burned down about 1500.  A second fire burned it in or about 1761. The monastery dates from after this disaster.  In 1974 the monastery received an influx of monks from Euboea (Evia) led by Fr George Kapsanis, an academic  theologian who had been a professor at the Univerity of Athens. (Graham Speake , Renewal in Paradise and S. Loch, Athos the Holy Mountain)). The photo above is from 2011.0gregoriou barskyThis is how Barsky saw Gregoriou in 1744 before the fire of 1761.

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In 2013 a monk from Gregoriou walked out the monastery with a box in his hand when the boat sailed into the harbor . He clearly was expecting a special guest which he welcomed by giving him something from the box. A friendly encounter which I photographed while standing on deck of the boat.

5gregorThe Katholikon with nice mosaics and two clocks showing the regular and the Athos time.

7 gregor 6 greor2 gregorTwo clocks, the mosaic of St. Nicholas and the narrow courtyard of Gregoriou.

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Inside the monastery.                       Build on the rocks


1 gregoriouMonastery of Gregoriou in 2013


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  1. This was our first stop at Grigoriou in 2013 and I remember it as it were yesterday. A beautiful start to the Holy Mountain for us.

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