1512 – The Ruins of Roussikon

1 ruin pantEvery time I sail pass or visit the Panteleimon monastery I am intrigued by the large complex of buildings that are in ruins. So again  a post. See also 1437 en 901.2 ruin pant       4 ruin pant

It is said that the it used to be storage buildings for the supplies the Russian monks needed for the large numbers of pilgrims that visited the monastery untill the Russian revolution ended this.5 ruin pantThe third church of Panteleimon and the ruins. Pictures were taken from the boat in 2013.4 ruin pant 6 ruin pantAgain a photo from the boat and when we walked to the monastery I took this picture. I wonder if there are plans to renovate them for the millenium festivities in 2016 .
pant kerk achterThis is one of the few pictures (1942) I found were the building are still intact and probably in use.


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