2161 – Athos watercolors painted by Christos Baloukos for sale with 50% discount

We proudly present on our weblog a special offer for all our readers: due to a co-operative between athosweblog and the Greek artist Christos Baloukos we are able to present in the comming months some of the watercolors taht he made with a 50% reduction. The watercolors are unique, so there no copies of these works of art. The size of all watercolors that we offer is 35×50 cm. You can order them directly from mr. Baloukos at this e-mail adress: cbaloukos@gmail.com, adding the number of the watercolor that you find under the image in this blog. He will take care of the payment by Paypal and the shipping.

The deal that we could make for our readers is a reduction of 50%, so the prize of one original Baloukos watercolor now is € 300,00 (including shipping).

I.M. Panteleimonos 2017 nr 2161-83 SOLD 14/9
I.M. Panteleimonos nr 2161-79
Skete of Agiou Andreou of Serrail 2161-67

We hope that you his pieces of art, if you to see more of mr Baloukos’ work, go to his webiste Baloukos.com. In recent years there is a demand for his works. All the newspapers in Greece have written about his work and some weeks ago there was a big tribute in VIMA newspaper, in Greek, use Translate. Athosweblog published in post 2154 about his work. More information about the painter (and his other works of art) is on Facebook.

A detail from the watercolor above: Baloukos makes realistic images of Athos landscapes and buildings, combined with bright colors: a beautiful piece of art to decorate your house or rooms with!

Wim and Herman Voogd, 15th August 2020

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