1672 – Prince Charles visiting Romanian kelli in 2000 and 2004

Prince Charles occasionally visits the Holy Mountain and especially Vatopedi (269944 and 1021).

ps-siluan-de-vorba-cu-printul-charles 19-4-2000

On the internet I found this picture of Charles visiting the Elder Dionysios of the Romanian St. Georges kelli called Colciu on April 19th 2000. After a long search and with the assistence of reader Emil (thanks!) I could locate this kelli on one hour walk from Vatopedi.kelli agiou Georgios2Four years later Prince Charles returned to this little farmhouse for a funeral on May 12th 2004, because Elder Dionysios died on May 11th.prince charles may 2004 at fueral elder dionysios

Prince Charles talking to a monk after the funeral, with candle in his hand (thanks to Pemptousia.ro).

Wim, 4/2

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2 Responses to 1672 – Prince Charles visiting Romanian kelli in 2000 and 2004

  1. Emil says:


    Sorry, that one in the picture is not the romanian cell of St. George where Fr. Dionysios lived…
    Here you can find it on the map: https://goo.gl/maps/3GyqY
    about 1h or so on dusty roads from Vatopedi.


  2. Gheronda Dionysios Ignat (1909-2004) – Axion Estin / It Is Truly Meet (in romanian)

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