1671 – Lakkou Skiti 2

Today we take a closer look at building nr 3 with its new church and the main church/ katholicon and the ossuary of the skete (A and B).

Lakkou detail 1.1kopie

Father Gabriel gave us the advice to visit the new church that belongs to hut nr 3.

DSCN5081 (Large)Building nr 3 with its new church

SAM_0897 (Large)Building nr 3 : picture from the front door, showing hut nr 4.

SAM_0896 (Large)Capenters were busy completing the wooden floor

SAM_0893 (Large)The small church with the iconostasis

DSCN5095 (Large)Fine newly painted murals cover the walls .


DSCN5096 (Large)The Panaghia and the child Jezus and saints, with Romenian texts.

Later that afternoon father Gabriel gave us a two hour tour of the skete.

Lakkou detail 4 main church

The dark building with the round dome is the church (A), the white buidling to the right is the ossuary (B).

First I will show the pictures of the main church (which was closed):SAM_0941 (Large)Approaching the church with father Gabriel, with a bell on the left

DSCN5138 (Large)

DSCN5137 (Large)The Katholicon of Lakkou skiti

DSCN5139 (Large)DSCN5140DSCN5139The pictures above show the year 1903/04, the years the church was build (?), and 1999, the year it was renovated (?).DSCN5136 (Large)The main church

SAM_0946 (Large)Stairs lead down to the graveyard and the chapel of the ossuary (building B).

DSCN5150 (Large)Behind pilgrim Jitze there is passage to the cellar, where the skulls and bones are kept.DSCN5144

SAM_0947 (Large)SAM_0950 (Large)DSCN5145 (Large)DSCN5148 (Large)Skulls with candles and with a small cockroach on the right

DSCN5141 (Large)  DSCN5142 (Large)

Near the church: Father Gabriel gets us some fresh water from well

Wim, 1/2

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