1673 – new iPad App about Vatopedi

In the App Store you download a new free App about Vatopedi. It is only made for iPad, NOT for iPhone. If you search the App type the word: Vatopaidi and you find this image (here in Dutch and English):

Vatopedi App

image1An artist impression of the monastery on the first page: it looks like fairy tail (Disney) castle. In the menu below you can click on Photo, Video and Panorama. Here an example of a 360 panorama shot in the katholicon: a magnificant view!

image4You can choose to have a look at several spots in the monastery:


And a video with abbot Efraim, books and chants:

image3                      image8                    image7

A professional made App, as you can aspect from the Vatopedi monastery: well done!

The App is free, but you can donate if you like.

Wim, 5/2

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