2213 – Athos by monk Theodosios: Space [1]

Pictures from the exhibition in 21-31 May 2009 from monk Theodosios in Thessaloniki/Greece

Exhibition Theodosios pictures 2009 in Thessaloniki
Ouranopolis: the ancient tower of Sydney Loch and Joyce Nankeville by Theodosios
Boats in the seas of Athos:10-09-2004 by Theodosios
Mt. Athos summit and Amalfi tower, seen from Morfounou: 4-12-2005 by Theodosios
Karyes, All Saints Church of Simonos Petras Konaki: 05-04-2006-04-05 by Theodosios
Simonos Petras, aqueduct: 26-04-2007 by Theodosios
Simonos Petras in the Haze: 2018 by Theodosios
Mt Athos coastline in the morning light: 31-08-2006 by Theodosios
The Backside Walls of St Pauls Monastery: 11-07-2005 by Theodosios
Sunset at Simonos Petras with Moon and Star: 20-01-2007 by Theodosios
Simonos Petras in a Moonlit Night: 04-12-2003 by Theodosios

Wim Voogd, 21-07-2021

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