1967 – insects, reptiles, mammals and a bird

Beetles on flowers with Megisti Lavra in the background.
A bumble bee at Thibais.

A grasshopper at Nea Skiti and a butterfly at Lavra.
Flying ants at Karyes and a lizard with ants at Proto Nero.
A dog at Marouda and a cat at Dafni.A dead rat at Esfigmenou harbour.
A mule at Micra Sk. Anna.
Mules and muleteer on its way to Lavra.
Viper on the Way of the Bey lying on the footpath in the sun.
Turtle on The Way of the Bey.
Seagull passing Thibais.

Herman Voogd

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4 Responses to 1967 – insects, reptiles, mammals and a bird

  1. J.P.ten Bruggencate says:

    You have forgotten the wantzen!

  2. bernd says:

    1.At the gates of Filotheou.
    2. Boar near Ivirion.
    All the best from Austria

  3. bernd says:

    Sorry , I put the link on the wrong place.

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