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1967 – insects, reptiles, mammals and a bird

Beetles on flowers with Megisti Lavra in the background. A bumble bee at Thibais. A grasshopper at Nea Skiti and a butterfly at Lavra. Flying ants at Karyes and a lizard with ants at Proto Nero. A dog at Marouda … Continue reading

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1475 – Insects, butterflies, a frog, a snake?, a turtle, a spider and a gekko

Bug found at the lake near Simonaspetras (Demitriou). Photo by Michalis Kraml (2012) Wasps near Panteleimonos by hv (2013)Grasshopper on the road near Panteleimonos by hv (2013) Butterflies: the big brown one found in the bathroom of Simonaspetras by Michalis … Continue reading

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1190 – Athos wildlife: snakes and insects

Athos wildlife:  Snakes! Snake 1 Snake 2 Snake 3 Snake in the mud Two of the snakes (for details see above), with a brave Athos-pilgrim Best friends: snake and cat Mantis religiosa, a “praying” insect Grasshopper Athos with long stretched clouds … Continue reading

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