1634 -Vatopedi in color autochromes, 1918 by Cuville

cuvi vato academy cuvi vatopediFernand Cuville worked for the photographic section of the French army in the World War one . He made this stunning color autochromes from Vatopedi monastery in 1918. In the background on the hill the ruins of the  Athos academy.
cuvi vato paul                                             cuvi vato annonciatie engel
Not only buildings but also icons (Paul) and murals (angel) were photographed.
cuvi vato medaiiloon email                      cuvi vato sieraden byz Medaillion and jewelry.

cuvi vato entree kerk                    cuvi vato maria christus en st jean   The entrance of the church with a glimps of the marble chair on the right and an image with Maria, Jesus and St. John.                      cuvi vat jasper 302This Chalice, known as the “Jasper” (the material of the cup was carved out a single piece of jasper) from the second half of the 14th century is considered one of the most characteristic products of Byzantine silver-work (it looks gold but it is gilded silver), it is one of the finest pieces from the Palaeologan period. It belonged to Manuel Cantacuzenos Palaeologos (1349-80), son of the Emperor  John VI Cantacuzenos. Prof. dr Dolger also described and photograped the Chalice in 1942 and published it in his book Monchsland Athos. The “Jasper’  was exhibited in Thessaloniki in 1997 in the Treasures of Mount Athos exhibition and is to bee seen in the catalogue on page 302.
A communion cup of red translucent stone supported by gold dragonsThis is how photographer Harry Griswold Dwight saw it in 1916.
cuvi vato enkolpion 299The Enkolpion (12th -13th c.) on the right is also described in the catalogue of the exhibition in 1997 in Thessaloniki. An enkolpion is a medaillion bearing a sacred picture that is worn on the breast of a bishop. This enkolpion is depicting in relief the Virgin in supplication (praying, asking God for something). The stones are pearls and emeralds. See also page 299 in the catalogue of Treasures of Mount Athos.
On the left a medaillion with  an angel/soldier.
More Vatopedi by Cuville here.


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