1475 – Insects, butterflies, a frog, a snake?, a turtle, a spider and a gekko

a bug Bug found at the lake near Simonaspetras (Demitriou). Photo by Michalis Kraml (2012)a bug 2 a bug 3 a bug 1Wasps near Panteleimonos by hv (2013)a grasshopperGrasshopper on the road near Panteleimonos by hv (2013)

a butt a butter

Butterflies: the big brown one found in the bathroom of Simonaspetras by Michalis Kraml (2012). The yellow one  is a Papilio Machaon (Swallowtail in English, Koninginnepage in Dutch) photographed in the garden of Ag. Nelios in 2013 by hv
Schermafbeelding 2013-11-19 om 22.11.22Frog found at the lake near Kellion Demitriou by Michalis Kraml (2012)

a snake

Michalis Kraml: ” The snake we found near the arsanas of Nea Skite in 2012. A monk was in a garden for some work. He flung the snake out of the grass onto the cement and killed it”.

Thanks to a comment by Alexander we know now that this not a poisonous snake but a legless lizard, a so called slow worm (hazelworm in Dutch)

a turtle

hv: ” In a pool on the footpath Iviron – Karyes we saw in 2013 this waterturtle. Standing on an old bridge I made the picture but the animal disappeared quickly” .

Thanks to Michalis Kraml (@michalaki)


DSCN2856a  DSCN2855a

I would like to add these animals, found in one room in Docheiariou 26 September 2013. It is definitely a (big!) spider (there was not one but two, maybe a couple!!?) and a european common wall gecko (hanging upsidedown).

(It might be a Wolf spider, the European tarantula!)

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3 Responses to 1475 – Insects, butterflies, a frog, a snake?, a turtle, a spider and a gekko

  1. Alexander says:

    Wim, it is not a snake, it’s a legless lizard. And if someone groundlessly kills a God’s creature he can’t be called a monk…

  2. Peter Reischütz says:

    Its not a grasshopper but a “Gottesanbeterin” Mantis religiosa.

  3. Tina says:

    Beautiful creatures! The grasshopper is actually a Praying Mantis. Too bad about the legless lizard … they are very unique in my opinion. I’m hoping to see if you have photos on the Athos snails I’ve read St. Porphyrios write of.

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