1862 – The red balcony of Simonos Petras

The entrance of Simonos Petras at the back of the monastery in 1917 with on the right the red balcony. Because the front on the monastery is so spectacular the back is not that much photographed. The same spot, but now in color,  and 100 years later. Renovations are in full swing. But the walls and the aqueduct already look like new. The red balcony looks untouched.
In 1989 we posed on the red balcony. The mortar or specie between the stones of the wall is not yet that perfect as it is in 2017.  By the way, a little bit to perfect for me, I like the 1917 style.This is how it looks, standing on the red balcony, looking into the valley.
The red balcony during the 2000 flood. Photo by Theodosios of Simonopetra.
This is how the water came down the hills in Oktober 2000. Photo by Theodosios of Simonopetra.

Herman Voogd

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One Response to 1862 – The red balcony of Simonos Petras

  1. This monastery looks like Heaven on earth. Wow. Beautiful. I can visualize the monks praying singing the psalms. Thanks so much for sharing.

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