1476 – Ruins

border 2009Although many buildings on Mt. Athos are renovated or newly build there are still a lot of houses in decay and many ruins. Above the two buildings at the border in 2009.  The little building on the left still intact. But apparently not in a very good condition.border 2013In 2013 the little building is completly collapsed.

ruin karMost ruins can be found in the area in and around the capital of Karyes. This picture is taken in the early morninglight in 2013.

ruin kary ruin karyes

This used to be a house in Karyes.     Both chapels are empty and in very bad condition.     ruins karyes 1 ruin andreou

Ruins in Karyes and within the walls of Sk. Andreaou.

ruin pantIt is not only decay. In Panteleimonos they even reconstructing this part of the guesthouse.

text and photo’s by hv


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