776 – Mylopotamos wine, part 2


Mylopotamos makes four (organic) wines:
1. Nama: a red sweet communion wine
2. Leukos: a white wine
3. Oinomeli: a rosé wine
4. Erythros: a dry red wine

The wine is aged in barrels for 12 months.

Grapes: made of Muscat of the Alexandria and Merlot
Taste: rich tannic base and a pleasant aftertaste, with subtle aromas of rose and forest fruits
Serve: slightly chilled at 12C° – 14°C with fruits, eat with nuts and desserts.

Grapes: Roditis, Muscat of Alexandria
Taste: pleasant sour taste, apples, fresh aftertaste
Serve: at 10° – 12°C, with salats, sea food, light meat, cheese and fruit

Oinomeli (trans. wine and honey)
Grapes: Moscat of Hamburg


Grapes: 80% Merlot, 15 % Limnio, 5 % Cabernet Sau-

Taste: Dark ruby color. Vanilla pudding and nougat aromas. Round, even berry, plum and custard tart flavors with pencil shaving and apple skins on the finish. Crisp finish, moderate tannins.
Serve: at 18C° – 20°C. A nice even food wine to serve with gourmet bacon burgers and gyros.

No pictures are seen of the copper stills for “tsipourou” and other distillates. I hope to show you in oktober 2009, after my visit to Mylopotamos.

The house is run by Father Epifanios who wrote The Cook Book of Yper Ygias Monastiriakes Syntages of Agiou Orous (Healthy Monastery Recipes of Mount Athos).
Contact: Holy Cell of Agios Efstathios, P.O. BOX: 63086, Mylopotamos, tel.: +30 23770 23774, Fax: +30 23770 23932,+30 2310 52221 or through the website.

Wim, 21/4

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