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2034 – Athos: a history lesson

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1984 – Pre christian Grave Stele with two women

This is the entrance 0f Koutloumousiou seen from the courtyard. On the right side of the porch a pre christian, so called,  Grave Stele is part of the wall.  A stele is a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than … Continue reading

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1506 – Pre-Christians remnants

In antiquity there were five cities to be found on the Mt. Athos pensinsula. According to Graham Speake in Renewal in Paradise the site of none of them is known for certain. On the map the places where probably the … Continue reading

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838 – Akte: Athos in ancient Greece II

Gravestone from the courtyard of Koutloumousiou – probably from the ancient city of Kleonai Around 1900 the greek Smyrnakis tried to look for the remnants of Thyssos between the harbors of Sografou and Konstamonitou (G. Smyrnakis: To Agion Oros Athene, … Continue reading

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837 – Akte: Athos in ancient Greece I

Before Christianity came to the peninsula of Athos the piece of land was called Akte. Very little is known about these small – unimportant – villages. In this blog I will show you some of the antique findings that are … Continue reading

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