1506 – Pre-Christians remnants

pre christian villages

In antiquity there were five cities to be found on the Mt. Athos pensinsula. According to Graham Speake in Renewal in Paradise the site of none of them is known for certain. On the map the places where probably the cities where located. Scientists are more convinced of the location of the 2 cities outside Athos, Sane (Triptiti) and Akanthos (Ierissos).

pre karyesThese ancient pilars are located in Karyes near the Protaton church.pre iviron 3Not far from the small town of Karyes is the monastery of Iviron. In the courtyard under the palmtree some pilars are laying in a corner.

pre iviron 2          pre ivironThe pre-Christian collection of Iviron.
pre kavsoIn Kavsolalivia monks found a new way of using the old remnants: a planter.pre kavso 1 pre kavso 2

In Kavsokalivia there are more marble objects to decorate the garden. Near the church these two round holes are looking old but I am not sure they are from pre christian times.


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