1507 – Skiti Agiou Dimitriou: frescoes from the exonarthex – 2

Today I will show you the remaining scenes from the lithi/exonarthex of Skiti Dimitriou. The images are rare and not shown before in any book I know or on the internet. Most of the pictures here concern the life of St. Antony and St. Paul (for part one look here). The frescoes date from 1806 (source).

DSCN2104 (Large)

“In the evening, the raven came bringing a whole loaf of bread. St. Paul said to St. Antony, “Now, I know that you are one of the children of God. For 70 years, the Lord has been sending to me everyday, half a loaf of bread, but today, the Lord is sending your food also. Now, go and bring me back in a hurry the tunic that Emperor Constantine had given to Pope Athanasius.”

DSCN2105 (Large)This scene is from Saint Euphrosynos the Cook.

DSCN2107 (Large)The Heavenly Ladder of St John Klimakos Constantinople

DSCN2109 (Large)Agios Agapios (left), Ag. Simon (centre) and Agios Nikodimos (right)

DSCN2110 (Large)Agios Makarios, Agios Nymphon ? Agios Joasaph

DSCN2111 (Large)Agios DimitriouDSCN2112 (Large)Christ in heaven looking at children and a cripled man receiving bread

DSCN2113 (Large)Men drinking wine and quench their thirst

DSCN2114 (Large)

DSCN2115 (Large)Prisoners being released by?

DSCN2116 (Large)Badly damaged fresco: a room (church?) with an angel, two kneeling figures an two men reading from books. Notice the two icons in the background.

DSCN2117 (Large)Agios Gennadios

DSCN2119 (Large)Agios Antonios and Paulos

DSCN2120 (Large)Demons face the Holy Men

DSCN2121 (Large)

DSCN2122 (Large)Agia Trias

Wim, 2/2

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