2264 – a drone footage of skiti Panteleimonos and the cell of Ag. Paisios

The cell of Ag. Paisios next to the valley of Koutloumousiou 02-08-2020 – photo by monk T.

This latest footage of monk T., already made in 2020, shows us unique images of rarely visited skiti of Ag. Panteleimonos (also called skiti Koutloumousiou) and of the famous and often visited the cell of Saint Paisios, that lies closeby on the other side of the valley, near the monopati that leads to Iviron.

The drone footage made by monk T on August 2nd 2020

The area that the drone flew over, Google maps, source https://agionorosroutes.blogspot.com/. The yellow line is the path from Karyes/Koutloumousiou to Iviron.
A cell at the edge of skiti Panteleimonos and the Panagouda cell of Saint Paisios in the background, 02-08- 2020 / photo by monk T.
The tiny bell tower of skiti Panteleimonos and the cell of Ag. Ioannis Prodromos

This skiti is rarely visited by pilgrims, because most hikers take the monopati that lies on the other side of the valley and that leads to Iviron, and of course, the famous cell of Saint Paisios, with the characteristic chairs in the garden, made of felled trees. This place would be another target for a next visit to the Holy Mountain!

Skiti Panteleimonos on Google maps, source https://agionorosroutes.blogspot.com/

For pilgrims who have plans to go to Athos, please have a look at our reservation post nr 1835, because there have been some updates with new information.

Wim. Voogd, 21/3/2023

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