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2293 – the cemetery of Sografou

Sografou cemetery is located uphill, to the left of the monastery. It is a 2-minute walk from the monastery entrance to reach the cemetery gate, which is open. This is the road, next to the vegetable gardens, that leads to … Continue reading

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2274 – the graveyard and ossuary of Vatopedi

In the red circle the graveyard and ossuary of Vatopedi is situated. The wall that surrounds the graveyard with an impressive and very old olive tree in front of it. Behind the wall you can see the graveyard’s chapel. The … Continue reading

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2197 – Grigoriou: the graveyard and ossuary

Behind the second courtyard and the katholicon there is a hallway that leads to the back gate of the monastery. Immediately after leaving the monastery you will see the ossuary and the graveyard. The South wing of the monastery, seen … Continue reading

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2055 – Xenofontos, photos of the surroundings and the outside of the monastery

Today I will show pictures of the outside of Xenofontos monastery. The plan below is drawn in 1980 by Mylonas. As you can see on the aerial below, which I took in 2017, the layout of monastery has undergone some … Continue reading

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