2293 – the cemetery of Sografou

Sografou cemetery is located uphill, to the left of the monastery. It is a 2-minute walk from the monastery entrance to reach the cemetery gate, which is open.

A part of the Mylonas plans of Sografou from 1980
A general view of the cemetery as seen from the road above

This is the road, next to the vegetable gardens, that leads to the cemetery.

The gate of the cemetery with the chapel “Annunciation to the Virgin” behind it
The gate: a detail with a cross
The cemetery’s “Annunciation to the Virgin” chapel, with the ossuary below. On the left with the blue wall is a small building where you can enter the chapel.
Looking back at the gate: behind it the building that used to be the stable.
The cemetery with the graves of the deceased monks
The grave with a fence/chain of Ieroschimmonach Pachomin – 1922-2008 (86 years old) – a Great schema monk is a monk whose abbot feels he has reached a high level of spiritual excellence and reached the final stage, called the Great Schema.
At the other side of the chapel: more graves of monks
Remnants of a fence from a former grave (with OTE ceramic part)!
The dilapidated building with the blue/brown painted wall
A detail of this wall with broken glass in the window.

Wim Voogd, 15-11-2023

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