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2129 – a close look at Agiou Paulou monastery 1

In post 2015 I ended my photo report with a picture of the Agiou Paulou monastery. Today we will take a closer look at the exterior of the monastery, starting with a plan of the monastery from Mylonas, made in … Continue reading

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2007 – The main square in Karyes

The main square in Karyes is where the bus from Dafni stops, where pilgrims take minibuses to the monasteries, do their shoppings, drink coffee or an Amstel while waiting for the buses. It can be very busy when the buses arrive … Continue reading

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1963 – Watching people in Karyes.

The first monk we saw in Karyes, the capital of Athos and the only village where no one ever has been born, was an old man, whom we had met before on several occasions. The poor wandering man has got … Continue reading

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1832 – Shopping in Karyes

The only town on Athos, Karyes, has changed a lot and became more commercial in recent years. Not so very long ago there was only a bar (with food and a possibility to sleep. A zero-star hotel I was told … Continue reading

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1482 – Shops in Karyes

There are nowadays more then four shops in Kayes. Due to the fact that many monasteries had fallen into debt in the 18th century Patriarch Gabriel 4 published an new law  (Typikon) in 1783 reorganizing the central administration. Because the … Continue reading

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