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2219 – a new discovery on Athos: strange towers close to Esfigmenou on drone images

I really thought I had seen quite a lot of Athos and its settlements and buildings (except from the farmhouses-kellia). So I was really surprized that the drone-images from an anonymous photographer had something new in store, as can see … Continue reading

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2055 – Xenofontos, photos of the surroundings and the outside of the monastery

Today I will show pictures of the outside of Xenofontos monastery. The plan below is drawn in 1980 by Mylonas. As you can see on the aerial below, which I took in 2017, the layout of monastery has undergone some … Continue reading

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2016 – Chilandariou: a walk around the monastery

In this photo survey we will take a closer look at the Serbian monastery Chilandariou (or Hilandar).  My last stay in this monastery dates from 1997, some time before the dramatic fire of 2004.  I clearly remember the bats flying … Continue reading

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1557 – Esfigmenou: a walk around the monastery – 2

Let’s continue our walk around the monastery, starting at E (part 1 is here): This picture was taken from the new pier, with the old one in front af the monastery and the sea side entrance on he left, which we … Continue reading

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1555 – Esfigmenou: a walk around the monastery -1

Today I will take you on a photographic tour around the monastery. Let’s start at A, the winery. This map shows the surroundings as it was a few decades ago, without the winery en vineyard buildings (A and C) and without … Continue reading

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