2129 – a close look at Agiou Paulou monastery 1

In post 2015 I ended my photo report with a picture of the Agiou Paulou monastery. Today we will take a closer look at the exterior of the monastery, starting with a plan of the monastery from Mylonas, made in 1980.

Plan from Mylonas: Agiou Pavlou monastery

At that time the road that leads directly to the entrance is not build yet. On the picture below you see this contemporary road, near point B7 on the plan.

The road that leads to the monastery, with a parked bus. In the right corner high up the hill the Agiou Markos chapel. The door on your right leads the cemetery. The camera points to the South.
On this photo the camera is turned 180 degrees (pointed to the North): here you can see he entrance to the monastery, the kiosk and building T (see detailed map below), a worker’s house, on the left
The building T on the map
detail of the building with clothes on a line and fine flowers hanging in baskets
detail of the Mylonas map, with the worker’s house T
the kiosk at sunset
the entrance to the monastery
Detail of the portico with stained glass and wall paintings
the ceiling of the portico, with an image of Theon – Jesus, holding a (bible?)text, with 12 cherubini and 4 apostles in the corners, protected by angels.
Detail from the ceiling: the text Jesus is holding in his hands, is from the Evangelist St. John, 8, 12: I am the light of the world etc. (thanks Vasilis)
The left icon next to the entrance door: Agios Georgios
The icon on the right: Agios Paulos, holding the Katholicon
Taking the path up, to the monastery shop and the archondariki. Inside the monastery wall the archondariki is at spot Z1 on the plan
the shop, “Ekthetirion” – exhibitions
The shop and archondariki seen from the kiosk
A well behind the archondariki
A special feature: the water from the well flows through the mouth of a fish (?)
The well dates from 1804 ,with a text in Greek
a house with icons near the archondariki
Our place to sleep in the archondariki, with a balcony and a beautiful view over the sea
sunset over Sithonia
The walls of Agiou Paulou, with the kiosk and a vineyard

The path that leads to the ossuary
The ossuary
The ossuary, North side
with an unusual surprise: the remains of a monk safely stowed away in an iron cage. Most of the time the remains of a deceased monk are kept in the ossuary, but not in this case. Why would this be?

Wim Voogd, 11th april 2020

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1 Response to 2129 – a close look at Agiou Paulou monastery 1

  1. Vasílis says:

    Nice pictures, Wim. The text Jesus is holding in his hands, is from the Evangelist St. John, 8, 12: I am the light of the world etc.

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