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2170 – Skiing and Snowboarding on Mount Athos

On this website from Frozen Ambrosia I found this footage of seven Greek guys, who skied down the Holy Mountain (filmed on February 17/18 2017). This is the Facebook footage of the ski trip (thanks Japetus) and some stills from … Continue reading

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2139 – a goodbye to a fellow pilgrim: Peter Ariese 17-4-1959 / 25-5-2020

This weblog started in 2006, just for a couple of friends, who decided to join me on a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain. In the 14 years that past, many special friends followed and the weblog grew to something bigger … Continue reading

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2013 – A very nice drone film of the top of Mount Athos

Herman Voogd

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1838 – Russian Mt Athos climber found safe and sound

1500 meter A 55-year-old Russian national reported missing last Thursday after embarking on a climb of Mount Athos in northern Greece with a group of other mountaineering enthusiasts was found on Saturday safe and in good health. Panaghia shelter at … Continue reading

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1820 – Russian documentary: “A thousand years on Mount Athos”

This recent documentary from 2016 in Russian show us the main Russian settlements on Mount Athos. As predicted the renovation activities are well on its way in 2015, to be prepared for the celebrations in 2016 and the long expected … Continue reading

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1782 – Twenty monasteries in seven days : Day 2, The Top

This is the second episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week and stayed overnight at the … Continue reading

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1754 – Mount Athos seen from Mount Olympos

   Photo’s: Savvas Vasileiadis

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1705 – Hidden mountain

                            In summer Mt. Athos can be covered in clouds but a there is always a moment or a day that the mountain is clearly visible. When … Continue reading

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1602 – A cloud at the top of the mountain

A short nicely filmed video about a 3 days visit on Athos and climbing to the top after spending the night at Panagia at 1500 meters. Unfortunately the next morning the summit was covered in a cloud but they did … Continue reading

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1432 – different pictures from the top of Mount Athos

As I told you in previous posts, the Facebook site of Haritopoulos provides us with many special pictures of Athos. Here are some of the top at 2033 meters: Greek soldiers and men with the Greek flag 1910/20? The same … Continue reading

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