1432 – different pictures from the top of Mount Athos

As I told you in previous posts, the Facebook site of Haritopoulos provides us with many special pictures of Athos. Here are some of the top at 2033 meters:

top old pictureGreek soldiers and men with the Greek flag 1910/20?

top old picture 2The same group of men, now with monks in special clothing

top with monksMonks on the toptop with crossThe iron cross

top old buildingThe top with the old chapel

top 5The piramide like shadow of the mountain

top 1View over the peninsula

top 2Looking towards Lavra

top 3Peninsula 2

top 4Mules going down

DSCN0676Picture from Kosc

DSCN0677Kosc – Panaghia 1500 meter

DSCN0680Kosc – monks climbing the mountain

Wim, 17/7

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