2139 – a goodbye to a fellow pilgrim: Peter Ariese 17-4-1959 / 25-5-2020

This weblog started in 2006, just for a couple of friends, who decided to join me on a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain. In the 14 years that past, many special friends followed and the weblog grew to something bigger then only a information site for friends.

Peter Ariese on the top, 5th October 2011 (photo Bas kamps)

This week the sad news arrived that one of our Athos friends passed away, Peter Ariese, too early and too young. He joined our group of pilgrims in 2009 and 2011. We will remember him as our friend and our fellow Athos pilgrim: Peter was so proud to reach the top of the mountain in 2011, when we walked from Lavra to Ag. Anna. Peter and I spontaneously decided at Stavros to go the top, as “a short detour”. And we reached the summit….

Rest in Peace, Peter.

Wim Voogd

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2 Responses to 2139 – a goodbye to a fellow pilgrim: Peter Ariese 17-4-1959 / 25-5-2020

  1. mocanitze says:

    God rest his soul!

  2. Veşnica lui pomenire!

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