1860 – The earliest photographs of Mount Athos 1853

In 1853 photographer Ernest de Caranza and artist Emile Charles Labbé (probably both sitting next to the ship in the harbour of Pantocratoros)) visited Mount Athos and made a series of photographs to make an album compromising 87 salt prints flush-mounted to card. simonospetras-1853
Travel notes and letters suggest that the trip was allowed by Sutlan Abdulmecit I and that the album was intended  to Empereur Napoléon III. esfigmenou-1853
The existence of these photographs was known but they were kept by a family. Now they are public and it is quite a discovery. The collection was sold in different lots by Sotheby’s november 2016. detail-vatopedi-academy
Historically it is a very interesting set of photographs. Here Vatopedi wth the ruins of the academy on the hill.arsanas
The same ship as in the first photo in the arsanas of Pantocratoros
arsanas-lavra 1853-lavra-harbour
The arsanas of Lavra (Mandraki) on photo and negative.
There is a whole serie of photographs of Konaki in Karyes. 1853-monastery
Sografou. Compare the changes with a similar view on the monastery in 1941.
Xenofontos: compare with this photo. Thanks silviucluci.
arsanas-1853Arsanas Dionysiou

The entrance of Vatopedi

Herman Voogd

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6 Responses to 1860 – The earliest photographs of Mount Athos 1853

  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Are ship + building on picture 5 perhaps the same as on p 1?

  2. Sean Surlow says:

    Thanks Herman!

  3. silviucluci says:

    From my opinion, the place that you this is Probably Koutloumousiou is more the old katholikon of Xenofontos.

  4. Anton says:

    Can I share old photos in my page?

  5. Sean says:


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