1943 – Prince Charles on Athos?

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited Greece this summer. Their plane landed on Corfu July 26 th. After a stay in the Rothschild’ villa on the island of Corfu, they left on board of a luxury yacht.The luxurious yacht is seen anchored off  Sithonia and Athos.

Reportedly Prince Charles visited churches and monasteries in Mount Athos, while the Duchess of Cornwall stayed on board. When Charles returned from his visit to the holy monasteries, the couple made daily excursions, walked though picturesque villages and just enjoy Greek cuisine right next to the sea. Local media reported that Charles and Camilla visited the only inhabited island of Chalkidiki, Amouliani. After dinner at one of the restaurants in the area of Megali Ammos, they enjoyed a drink at a local bar.Charles’ boat at Amouliani?

The visit of Prince Charles to Athos is not confirmed by more reports in the press or by pictures, so  I cannot be sure if the information is correct.

Wim, 24/9

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  1. Veselin says:

    When I visited Agion Oros for the first time in 2001, we met a Prince Charles in Serbian monastery Hilandar. I would like to share photo of him, but unfortunatelly I don’t know how. Also, after a great fire in Hilandar, Prince Charles donated money for the reconstruction.

    • athosweblog says:

      Dear Veselin, please share your photo with us by sending a copy by email. Go to right column and to LINKS, select email us and we will receive your picture(s). Thanks!

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