1820 – Russian documentary: “A thousand years on Mount Athos”

This recent documentary from 2016 in Russian show us the main Russian settlements on Mount Athos. As predicted the renovation activities are well on its way in 2015, to be prepared for the celebrations in 2016 and the long expected visit of President Putin (in three days, May 28th!).

This what the makers say about their film: “In 2016 marks exactly one thousand years have passed since the first immigrants from Russia appeared on the Holy Mountain. In 1016 the abbot “monasteries of Russia” Gerasim subscribed to one of the Sviatohirsk documents with the abbots of other monasteries of Mount Athos. This document suggests that the ancient Russian monasticism represented on the Holy Mountain, at least a thousand years.”

Below I wil show you some stills from the documentary, with some beautiful shots made by a drone.IMG_5104Arsanas SografouIMG_5102Bogoroditsa 2 drone Bogoroditsa 3 drone Bogoroditsa 4 renovationsBogoroditsa or Xylourgou: renovation activities!paleo monastir 1 dronepaleo monastir 2 dronepaleo monastir 3 dronepaleo monastir 4 dronepaleo monastir 7 bridgepaleo monastir 6 dronePaleo Monastiro: clearly the renovation of the buildings and churches are on its waytop 1 top 2 droneA drone flies over the top!

Less interesting and overproduced (ánd with an irritating voice-over in Russian) is this recent documentary about 1000 years Russians on Athos: “Athos – Russian Legacy“, with many shots made with a drone. I would recommend the scene at 41’minutes: the drone in Esfigmenou!

Wim Voogd, 24/5 (next time some more interesting pictures/stills from this documentary)

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8 Responses to 1820 – Russian documentary: “A thousand years on Mount Athos”

  1. wlben says:

    Wim. Could you tell me where the pictures were taken in the video at about 50 to 55 min mark that were above the water on the steep mountain side where they had to use chains to get to there houses? Was that on the south end near Neilos skite? Thanks.

  2. Bertinos says:

    http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/93761.htm published a report of the (re)consecration of the Old Monastery of Ag. Panteleimon

  3. Nathaniel says:

    This documentary with English subtitles:

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