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1074 – Edward Lear again

We showed this work of the artist Edward Lear earlier but its worth showing it again comparing it with the image I took in 2009 from a somewhat higher standpoint. This watercolour by Lear is made 12 September 1856: Karyes with the mountain … Continue reading

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943 – Art: Edward Lear 1856/57

In posts 258 and 747 we already showed you some of his paintings. His letters from his travels and his three weeks on Athos in the late summer 1856, were published 1907: The watercolour shows the ruggedness of the landscape … Continue reading

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806 – Edward Lear

Englishman Edward Lear made 50 works (paintings and drawings) on Athos in 1856. He didn’t have much with the orthodox religion. Here is what he wrote to his sister Ann: I always asked to see the churches – more to … Continue reading

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747 – Agnostos Ellinas and Edward Lear

This is the monastery of Stavronikita in Mount Athos as seen from the ancient footpath leading to Pantokratoros monastery. The footpath is very narrow and perched on the cliffside under heavy vegetation. In 1857 the British painter and writerEdward Lear … Continue reading

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258 – Art: Edward Lear

The Monastery of Simopetra on Mount Athos 1856 Watercolour and ink on paper support: 314 x 486 mm on paper, unique

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2097 – Monastery of Agiou Paulou

18th century drawing by Barsky. The name Paulou came probably from Paul Xeropotamites founder of Xeropotamou monastery. Paulou started as a small dependance of this monastery but was not important enough to be mentioned in the Typikon of 1046. Two … Continue reading

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2090 – “The beauty of the Mountain, which remains, in my experience, the loveliest piece of scenery in all the universe.” About Steven Runciman

The men on this picture were shown before, in the post about the painter Derek Hill. Now we shift our focus to Steven Runciman. An interesting man who travelled for the last time to the Holy Mountain when he had … Continue reading

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2070 – On our way to Stavronikita

We found ourselves on the dirt road between skiti Agiou Andreou and Stavronikita. We hoped to spend the night in Stavronikita. The idea to sleep in a monastery without electric light enthralled us. But for the moment, the fog had … Continue reading

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2059 – A lovely watercolour of Stavronikita

This very nice drawing by English painter Edward Lear (1812-1888) was sold yesterday at Christie’s London for EUR 25.000. It is a study made with pencil and watercolour paint for a later painting. On the paper some text is visible, … Continue reading

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1978 – An inspirational place, the arsanas of Megistis Lavra

Coming down from the old monopati the robust tower at the arsanas comes in view. On top a stairway can be seen leading to a little platform. Excellent outlook point.Here the cobbled monopati ends. The newer concrete dirt road crosses … Continue reading

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