328 – Athos books: long list

Alexander (Golitzin), Hieromonk, The Living Witness of the Holy Mountain: Contemporary Voices from Mount Athos, South Canaan, Pennsylvania: St Tikhon’s Seminary Press, 1996
Anthology of some of the best of modern Athonite spiritual writing.

Amand de Mendieta, Emmanuel, Mount Athos, the Garden of the Panaghia, translated by Michael R. Bruce, Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1972

Angelou, Alkis, “J.D. Carlyle’s Journal of Mount Athos (1801)”, Eranistis, 14 (1965): 33[-]75

Barsky, Vasily Grigorovich, Stranstvovaniia Vasilia Grigorovicha Barskago po sviatym mestam Vostoka s 1723 po 1747 [Travels of Basil Grigorovich Barsky in the holy places of the East from 1723 to 1747], 4 vols, 1885[-]87
Volume 3 of Barsky’s account in Russian of the monasteries of the east is entirely devoted to Athos, with fine line-drawings of the monasteries.

Bos, Rolf, met gedichten Peter van den Hazel, Athos, Amstelveen, 1981

Barsky, Vasily Grigorovich, Vtoroe poseshchenie sviatoi Afonskoi gory Vasilia Grigorovicha-Barskago im samim opisannoe [Basil Grigorovich Barsky’s Second Visit to the Holy Mountain of Athos as Described by Himself], 1887

Belon, Pierre, Les Observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses mémorables, 1553; as Plurimarum Singularium et Memorabilium Rerum in Graecia, Asia, Aegypto, Iudaea, Arabia, aliisque exteris Provinciis ab ipso conspectarum Observationes, translated into Latin by Carolus Clusius, 1589

Bos, Rolf: Een theocratisch paradijs (1997), de Volkskrant 26 juli 2007

Brewster, Ralph H., The 6,000 Beards of Athos, 1935

Brekelmans, I. Pelgrimeren naar de Berg Athos, Den Dungen 1995, pp 269 (verslag van twee reizen in de jaren tachtig)

Brenninkmeijer, Paul: Gastvrijheid en spiritualiteit. Bezoek aan de berg Athos, Pokrof 4(2004)4-6

Breukel, Thom: Op de Heilige Berg Athos, Eikonikon 13(1989)10-11, 19(1990)9-10

Bryer, Anthony and Mary Cunningham (editors), Mount Athos and Byzantine Monasticism, Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies Publications, no. 4, Aldershot: Ashgate Variorum, 1996
Lively and scholarly contributions on the history, spirituality, economy, and arts and architecture of the Holy Mountain.

Buondelmonti, Cristoforo, Librum Insularum Archipelagi, 1824; as Description des îles de l’Archipel … Version grecque par un anonyme, publiée d’après le manuscrit du Sérail avec une traduction française et un commentaire, par Émile Legrand, 1897

Byron, Robert, The Station; Athos: Treasures and Men, 1928; with introduction by Christopher Sykes, 1949
and here.
Photo’s by Byron.

Cavarnos, Constantine, The Holy Mountain, Belmont, Massachusetts: Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 1973

Cavarnos, Constantine, Anchored in God: An Inside Account of Life, Art and Thought on the Holy Mountain of Athos, 2nd edition, Belmont, Massachusetts: Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 1975

Capuani/Paparozzi: Athos – 1999

Chariton, Monk, Maties ston Atho/Images of Athos, Mount Athos, 1997 [text in Greek and English]

Choukas, Michael, Black Angels of Athos, London, 1935

Covel, John, Some Account of the Present Greek Church, with Reflections on their Present Doctrine and Discipline, 1722

Curzon, George Nathaniel, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, “Monasteries of the Levant” in his Leaves from a Viceroy’s Note-book and other Papers, 1926; as A Viceroy’s India, edited by Peter King, 1984
The author follows in the footsteps of his relative Robert.

Curzon, Robert, Visits to Monasteries in the Levant, 1849; with an introduction by D.G. Hogarth, 1916; with an introduction by Seton Dearden and a preface by Basil Blackwell, 1955

Dafis, S. e.a., Nature and natural Environment in Mount Athos, Thessaloníki 1997, pp 61 (Treasures of Mount Athos tentoonstelling)

Dalrymple, William, “The Monastery of Iviron, Mount Athos, Greece, 29 June 1994: The Feast of SS Peter and Paul” in his From the Holy Mountain: A Journey in the Shadow of Byzantium, 1997; as From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East, 1998

Dapontes, Konstantinos, Kepos Chariton [Garden of the Graces], 1880
Dapontes settled as a monk on Mount Athos in the mid-18th century.

Dawkins, R.M., The Monks of Athos, London, 1936

Dölger,F., Mönchland Athos, München, 1943

Eller, K., Der Heilige Berg Athos, München, 1954

Epifanios Mylopotaminos: The Cook Book of Yper Ygias Monastiriakes Syntages of Agiou Orous (Healthy Monastery Recipes of Mount Athos.

Fallmerayer, Jakob Philipp, Hagion Oros, oder Der Heilige Berg Athos [The Agion Oros, or the Holy Mountain Athos], edited by Franz Hieronymus Riedl, 1978

Feigl, Erich, Athos Vorhölle zum Paradies, Wien/Hamburg, 1982

Fennel, Nicholas, The Russians on Athos, Peter Lang, 2001

I.M. Filothéou (ed), Athonikes Stigmes (Moments of Athos), Agion Oros 1994, pp 205 (bijzonder fotoboek in groot formaat)

Gabriel (Gavriil) Filotheïtis, monachos, Athos, Beauty and Grace (Kállos ke Cháris), Thessaloníki 2004, pp 190 (tekst Grieks en Engels, zeer mooi kijkboek)

Gedeon, Manouel Ioannes, O Athos: Anamniseis — Eggrapha — Simeioseis [Athos: Memories — Documents — Notes], Constantinople, 1885; reprinted, Athens, 1990

Geldermans, Raymond: Athos, ark der orthodoxie, Pokrof 49(2002)10-12

Georgirenes, Joseph, A Description of the Present State of Samos, Nicaria, Patmos, and Mount Athos, translated by Henry Denton, 1678

Gothóni, René, Paradise within Reach: Monasticism and Pilgrimage on Mt Athos, Helsinki: Helsinki University Press, 1993

Gothóni, René, Tales and Truth: Pilgrimage on Mount Athos Past and Present, Helsinki: Helsinki University Press, 1994

Greeve, H. de, Athos, een inleiding, Amsterdam, 1967

Hasluck, F.W. (editor), “The First English Traveller’s Account of Athos (1677)”, Annual of the British School at Athens, 17 (1910[-]11): 103[-]31

Hagioritis, Andreas, Guide du Mont Athos, ???

Hasluck, F.W., Athos and its Monasteries, 1924

Hellier, Ch., Athos, The Holy Mountain, in: Monasteries of Greece, London 1996, pp 95-171 (groot formaat, prachtige foto’s)

Hokwerda, Hero: Athos, van verval tot nieuwe bloei, Lychnari 3(1993)23-24

Huber, P. Athos – Lebe, Glaube, Kunst, Zurich, 1969

Huber, P, Athos. Wundertätige Ikonen, Stuttgart ca 1980, pp 50

Hunink, Vincent: Nieuwe tijden op Athos, Streven 65(1998)597-609

Hyman, Susan (editor), Edward Lear in the Levant: Travels in Albania, Greece and Turkey in Europe, 1848[-]1849, London: John Murray, 1988

Kadas, Sotiris, Mount Athos: An Illustrated Guide to the Monasteries and their History, translated by Louise Turner, Athens: Ekdotike Athenon, 1979

Karakatsanis, Athanasios (editor), Treasures of Mount Athos, Thessaloniki: Museum of Byzantine Culture and Holy Community of Mount Athos, 1997 [exhibition catalogue]

A massive and scholarly treasury of all aspects of the arts of Mount Athos, with historical introduction and bibliography.

Kästner, Erhart, Die Stundentrommel vom Heiligen Berg Athos, Wiesbaden, 1956
[The Beating of the Hours on the Holy Mountain Athos], 1956; as Mount Athos: The Call from Sleep, translated by Barry Sullivan, 1961

Kazantzakis, Nikos, Anaphora ston Gkreko: Myth istorema, 1961; as Report to Greco, translated by P.A. Bien, 1965

Kinnet, Alex: Verslag verblijf op de Agion Oros/Heilige Berg Athos (september 2000), Eikonikon 71(2001)15-18

Köppen, W. Wo die Welt vergessen wird, Mainz, 1981

Khitrovo, Sofiya, Itinéraires russes en Orient, 1889
Accounts by Russian travellers from the 14th to the 16th century, starting with Ignatius of Smolensk.

Koutoumános, I., Athos…wie der Himmel es sieht (opos to vlepi …o ouranos), Athen 1994, pp 51 (mooie luchtfoto’s van alle kloosters, tekst Grieks en Duits/Engels)

Langlois, Victor, Le Mont Athos et ses monastères, Paris: Didot, 1867

Leake, William Martin, Travels in Northern Greece, vol. 3, 1835

Lecq, J.B. van der: Athos herbeleefd, Sjofar 31(2003)9-11, 32(2003)9-10

Loch, Joyce Nankivell, A Fringe of Blue: An Autobiography, 1968

Loch, Sydney, Athos: The Holy Mountain, 1957

Loon, Wim van: Bezoek aan de Heilige Berg Athos, Op weg 49(1995)3, Bezoek aan de Heilige Berg Athos: een impressie, Eikonikon 77(2002)16-17, Katastrofale brand op Athos, Eikonikon 84(2004)5-6, Weerzien met Athos en de ikoon Axion Estí, Eikonikon 85 (2004)3, Een cel op de Heilige Berg Athos: Vader Efthímios en de Heilige Artemios, Eikonikon 93(2006)10-11

Masmeijer, Pieter: Athos en de wereld, een impressie, Eikonikon 38(1994)11

Lyttle, Douglas Demetrios: Miracle on the Monastery Mountain, 2004

Martin, Michael E., “Some Western Images of Athos in Early Modern Times, c. 1554[-]1678”, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 22 (1998): 51[-]74

Merrill, Christopher, Things of the Hidden God: Journey to the Holy Mountain

Millet, Gabriel, Monuments de l’Athos, vol. 1: Les Peintures, Paris: Ernest Leroux, 1927

Morritt, John B.S., The Letters of John B.S. Morritt of Rokeby, Descriptive of Journeys in Europe and Asia Minor in the Years 1794[-]6, edited by G.E. Marindin, 1914

Mylonas, Paul M.: Atlas of Mount Athos / Bildlexikon des Heiligen Berges Athos (2000) publisher Wasmuth.

Mylonas, Paul M.: Athos and its Monastic Institutions through old engravings and other work of art – 1963

Mylonas, Paul M.: Le catholicon of Kutlumus Athos – 1994

Mylonas, Paul M.: Pictorial Dictionary of the Holy Mountain Athos – 2000


Noakes, Vivien (editor), Edward Lear: Selected Letters, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1988

Norwich, John Julius and Reresby Sitwell, Mount Athos, with photos by the authors and A. Costa, 1966

Nicephore, Hieromonk, The holy Mountain Athos, Skiti Mikra Anna, 2003

Papantoniou, Zacharias, Hagion Oros [The Holy Mountain], 1934

Pennington, M. Basil: The Monks of Mount Athos, 1978

Perk, Nico van der: Christoforos. Een diaconale ikoon op Athos, Eikonikon 91(2006)8-9

Perilla, F.: Le Mont Athos, 1927. Paris, J. Danquin, with 12 colors plates/aquarelles

Proust, M.A., Voyage au Mont Athos, 1858

Provatakis, Theocharis, Mount Athos, History – Tradition – Tourism, Thessaloniki, ?

<a href=”Riley, Athelstan, Athos, or the Mountain of the Monks, 1887 the complete text here!

Rycaut, Sir Paul, The Present State of the Greek and Armenian Churches, Anno Christi 1678, 1679; reprinted, 1970

Roos, Henk: Athos. Wandelingen door de tuin van de Heilige Maagd, Eikonikon 66(2000)11-16, 67(2000)3-8, 68(2000)10-14

Sandys, George, A Relation of a Journey begun An. Dom. 1610, 1615

Sherrard, Philip, Athos, the Mountain of Silence, with colour photos by Paul du Marchie van Voorthuysen, 1960

Sherrard, Philip, Athos: The Holy Mountain, photos by Takis Zervoulakos, 1982
The most penetrating of recent interpreters according to an unknown reader.

Sibthorp, John, J.E. Smith, and John Lindley, Flora Graeca, 10 vols, 1806[-]40
This is one of the rarest Flora in existence. Vols 2 (1813) and 8 (1832) contain coloured engravings of Mount Athos as frontispieces
. See also nrs. 332 + 338 on this log.

Smyrnakis, Gerasimos, To Agion Oros [The Holy Mountain], Athens, 1903; reprinted, Karyes: Panselinos, 1988

Speake, Graham: ~Renewal in Paradise, 2002, Yale University Press

Spencer, Matthew, Athos, Travels on the Holy Mountain 2000

Stockiner/Strippelmann, Die M̦nche vom Heiligen Berg Р2001

Talbot Rice, David, “The Monasteries of Mount Athos”, Antiquity, 2/4 (December 1928): 443[-]51

Theunissen, W.P.,
Monnikenrepubliek van den Berg Athos, Den Haag, 1944

Theunissen, W.P, Op de heilige Berg Athos, 1965

Theunissen, W.P. en J. Hartog, De Heilige Berg, Rotterdam 1951, pp 295 (bundel artikelen)

Theotokas, Yorgas, Een reisverslag van Athos, 1961, trans. in Dutch 1990

Thomas, W.B. – Dare to be free – 1955
Tozer, Henry Fanshawe, Researches in the Highlands of Turkey, vol. 1, 1869

The Treasures of Mount Athos – Illuminated Manuscripts – Ekdotike Athenon S. A. Volume 1 published in 1974 and volume 2 in 1975.

Trumler, G., Athos. The Holy Mountain, Athens 1994, pp 195 (prachtig fotoboek in groot formaat)

in, Jacques: The Monks of Mount Athos, 1960

Various authors: Le Tour du Monde; Athos, Journal des voyages et des voyageurs; 2. sem. 1860

Veen, ter Koert, Athos, monnikeneiland, 2001

Verheijen, Ton: Athos, waar de de tijd al tien eeuwen stil staat, Griekenland Magazine, herfst(2004)18-25

Walpole, Robert (editor), Memoirs Relating to European and Asiatic Turkey, edited from manuscript journals, 1817

Walpole’s compilation, confusingly edited, contains extracts from the papers of Dr Philip Hunt and letters from Professor Carlyle recounting their 1801 visit to Athos and investigations of libraries and manuscript holdings. It also includes a few short extracts from the journals of John Sibthorp.

Ware, Timothy,(Kallistos): The Orthodox Church, Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1963; 2nd revised edition, 1993
The standard work for English speakers.

Wittig, M.A., Athos. Der Heilige Berg von Byzanz, Würzburg 1990, pp 135

Zimbardo, Xavier, Monks of Dust: The Holy Men of Mount Athos, 2001

Zwerger, Rheinhold, Wege am Athos, 2005.

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