1518 – Edward Lear revisited

learBritish painter Edward Lear appears regularly on this blog.  He has painted the peninsula beautifully.This monk is facing the mountain on the left Stavronikita.learVIEW OF MOUNT ATHOS, GREECE oilMore or less the same location.

Lear (1812-1888), 'FROM THE WINDOW, PANTOKRATORA' Inscribed with colour notes and dated '2nd September 1856', pen and ink and watercolour 14.5 x 23cmEven more beautiful I find his watercolour drawings. Her again a view on the mountain as seen from Pantocratoros.

lear distant view 1856When making  this watercolour he must have been at Sithonia, the  other peninsula of Chalkidiki.  A distant view on the mountain in 1856.

lear 1839, taken from a boat passing Mount Athos on the way from Thessalonika to Cavalla

From this sketch we know that Lear drew this on a boat whilst travelling from Thesaloniki to Kavala in 1839.

lear - 'Tour From Corfu To Mount Athos Monastery, dated 3 Sept 1856    Lear drew in May 1849 whilst visiting the monasteries of Meteora in central GreeceThis watercoulour was made on his trip from Corfu to Athos in 1856. I am not sure it is actually on the Holy Mountain. The last one is made in 1839 and clearly not on Athos. It showes the monasteries of Meteora.


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    Beautiful presentation! I would like to add a thought concerning the fourth artwork. Could that have been a view from the slopes of Mount Cholomon? Lear himself notes “above Eriligova (sic)” (Elerigova, Larigova or Liarigovi, the present day Arnaia). As far as I know, no other view of Mount Athos from the area of Arnaia exists, except for some points on Mount Cholomon, where all three peninsulas can be seen. Thank you.

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