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1765 – Between Bulgaria and Serbia. Cosmas revisited (day two, second leg)

Mount Athos is one of the most peaceful places on earth. The turmoil of violent attacks or even war feels far away from the monasteries and the paths that connect them. The brutal outer macrocosm, its violent conflicts and worldly … Continue reading

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1760 – lecture about women and Athos by Veronica Della Dora

The portrait of Olga Papaloukas with Karyes as background painted by her husband Spyros. On November 10, 2015, Veronica della Dora, Chair of Human Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London, will give a lecture in the American School of Classical Studies … Continue reading

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1328 – Review of the book “Imagining Mount Athos” by Veronica Della Dora – part 2

In post 1327 I started the review of this book: here I’ll continue with the last three chapters: Chapter 4 “Erudite Athos” describes the Western travelers who visited Athos during the last ages. They came for different reasons, such as … Continue reading

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1327 – Review of the book "Imagining Mount Athos" by Veronica Della Dora – part 1

Not long after the publication of this book in 2011 the publisher asked “Athos-weblog” to write a review. Although I finished reading the book some time ago, I now finally got the chance to share this review with our readers. … Continue reading

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1198 – book: Imagining Mount Athos, Visions of a Holy Place, from Homer to World War II, by Veronica della Dora

In april 2011 this new book about Athos will be published. Special about this Athos-book that it is written by a woman, a lecturer in Geographies of Knowledge in the School of Geographical Sciences at Bristol University. The publisher The … Continue reading

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