1036 – Monoxylitis /Metochi Agiou Nicolaos

Until a couple of years ago nobody ever heard about the wines that are produced in the small settlement called Ag. Nicolaos or Monoxylitis, a metochi of the monastery Ag. Pavlou. It is run by Father Jacobos and lies somewhere in the North-West part of the peninsula.
map Athos

Monoxylites Google maps
Monoxylitis on Google maps

But last year when we visited Mt. Athos we surprised to find a new luxurious shop in Ouranopolis, where the wines (and other products like icons and honey) were sold.


We already mentioned the small settlement in our blogs nr 272 and 341 , and and we showed you their old website .
Recently the winery made this new website with very fine pictures.



You have the possibility to sponsor their works and later get a discount when you buy their products. Unfortunately the on-line shop is not functioning yet. But although the new website gives extensive information, some more information about the wines and the winery is missing (from which year do they produce and sell the wine, which grapes are used and how is it produced, how long aged on barrels?).


Pictures of old barrels and a man putting the bottles of wine in boxes.

Because of this lack of information this blog will give you a tasting report about the three Monoxylitis wines.
I (an enthusiastic wine-loving amateur) tasted two reds and one white:

1. Red: Agiopaulitiko  Oinos Erythros Epitrapesios 2007: A nose of red fruit; red/brown color; spicy taste, slightly sweet: I found caramel, figs and almond.


2. White: Monoxilitiko. Oinos Leykos Xiros Epitrapesios 2008: Intense aromas of flowers, a little bit ground/farm smells; yellow/gold color; a taste of citrus, pineapple, butter and a bit of petroleum. A very good wine together with tuna fish (see below).

Monoxylites white  Monoxylites etiket white

3. Red: Tria Adelfia 2006: a pleasant red fruit aroma; purple/red color; a taste of red fruit, pepper, port wine, caramel. An excellent wine, the wineries prestige cuvee, for sure one of the best Greek wine I ever tasted!

Monoxylites Tria Adelphia  Monoxylites etiket Tria Adelphia


The wine is named after the three rocks that are situated just in front of the small harbour of the metochi, called the Three Brethern.

The first two wines will cost you about € 12,00 a bottle, the last wine will leave the shop for € 25,00 ! Especially this last wine made me very curious, because the prize rose my expectations, but it did not disappoint me!

monk in kitchen
Kitchen of Ag. Nicolaos

ag nicolaou telephone
The telephone of the metochi

White tulips and tuna
Monoxylitis white with fresh tuna fish (and tulips from Amsterdam)

Wim Voogd, 12/4

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