1035 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Mylopotamos kitchen and dinner: day 1 – 21

IMG_3295 Mylopotamos kitchen
The kitchen of the famous Father Epifanios (building E on the plan in post 1032)

IMG_3298 Mylopotamos kitchen pots and pans
Large pans hanging on the wall

IMG_3299 Fireplace
The fire place where Father Epifanios cooks his food

IMG_3302 millstone
In the lower part of building E there is a dining room, where some objects are displayed, like this stone millstone, used as an olive oil press. Look at the wines that were waiting for us. Margerites brought as special Mylopotamos wine from 2004 (if I remember correctly). We tasted a smoother and softer version of the younger 2008 Myolopotamos wine!

IMG_3301 large press
And in this room you can find a large iron oil press. Have a look at the big Athos map behind the press.

IMG_3296 Mylopotamos french fries
And then we we got dinner, prepared by Father Ioachim. He made us some fine crispy “patatas”, as you can see on this picture, like I never had before on Mt. Athos.

IMG_3300 Mylopotamos start dinner
Pilgrims Bas, Jaap and Herman having dinner at Mylopotamos, after a long and intrigueing day. The main course was Octopodia (Octopus) in rice and tomato sauce, with lovely fresh salads of tomato, olives and cucumber and a vegatable salad. And of course, the hot patatas! Thanks to Father Ioachim!

IMG_3304 Mylopotamos dinner group
Reflecting the long day and enjoying the good wine after dinner: Oenologist Margerites, Father Ioachim, Father Prodromos, Bas, Jaap and Herman (the Albanian workers already left).

After dinner we got a surprize from Father Ioachim, but before that I will show you were we ended our day: in the reception room in building C, where Father Ioachim generously offered us a glass of French cognac. On the wall I saw this painting of three archangels:

IMG_3347 Reception room archangels
Reception room: the Holy Trinity (also known as the Old Testament Trinity and the Hospitality of Abraham). The icon is originally painted by St Andrey Rublev in Russia. Thanks to Orrologion.

IMG_3348 Apostels
Reception room building C: an icon of the two Apostles Peter and Paul

IMG_3349 wine cellar Mylopotamos

IMG_3352 Mylopotamos Albanians working
We ended our visit to Mylopotamos with a tour through the wine cellar and the new visitors centre (no pictures available).

IMG_3354 the end of day one Herman
It looks like this picture ends day one at Mt. Athos – Herman relaxing his feet and planning day two -, but you have one more blog to go: the surprize Father Ioachim gave us by showing the library!! (maybe because of the influence of our dear fellow blogger from Greece Giannis, who visited Mylopotamos only a couple of days before us?)
Wim Voogd, 8/4

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1 Response to 1035 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Mylopotamos kitchen and dinner: day 1 – 21

  1. Orrologion says:

    Reception room: three Archangels: Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel

    This isn’t an icon of the Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, it is actually an icon of the Holy Trinity (also known as the Old Testament Trinity and the Hospitality of Abraham). The copy you say is a version of the icon originally painted by St Andrey Rublev in Russia.

    For some background, see:


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