2173 – Athos related Portable Icons

 A new initiative of the The Holy Community of Mount Athos is online, Athos Digital Heritage. A digital repository with 300,000 objects, such as manuscripts, historical documents, photographs, books, and icons. It is a fantastic source for the Orthodox world, websites and blogs. Because of the large quantity of objects we are planning to show small parts of it in our blogposts.

We are not completely sure if it is allowed to use the content in the repository for our website. If The Holy Community of Mount Athos is not comfortable with us using the content in this blog we will, of course, no longer do it and shall delete this post as soon as the HCoMA tells us to do so. We hope it is no problem.

I have searched in the portable icon section for images that are strongly related to Mount Athos itself. First the title, then the year the icon was made and the owner.

Peter the Athonite and Saint Onoufrios, 1895, Xenophontos

Peter the Athonite, one of the founding fathers of Mount Athos with the mountain in the background.

Gennadios Vatopedinos, 1950- 1990, Xenophontos

A Saint of Vatopedi monastery with the bay of Vatopedi in the background. The mountain on the right.

The oldest copy of Axion Esti- 1538 – 1548, Holy community of Mount Athos

Famous icon, the original is in possesion of the of the Protaton church in Karyes.

Elder Paisios, 2010, Dionysiou

Elder Paisios was canonised in 2015. He lived in several monasteries and in a Kellion called Panagouda near Karyes.

Athanasios the Athonite, 1927, Karakallou (fragment)

Athanasios is the founder of Lavra monastery in 963.

Saint George and Xenophontos monastery, 1800 – 1900, Paulou (fragment)
Saint Dionysios, 1750 -1850, Dionysios

Saint Dionysios is the founder of the monastery with its name.

Saint Akakios Kavsokalyvitis, 2000 -2015, Dionysios (fragment)
Choir of Fathers of Mount Athos, 1900 -1950, Xenophontos (fragment)

Hierarchs, hieromonks, monks and erimites with the Panagia and the Mounatin in the middle.

Trip of the Panagia to Mount Athos, 1880 – 1920, Dionysios
Nikoforos Koulitzis, 1873 – 1920, Xenophontos

Nikoforos Koulitzis was abbot of Xenophontos monastery.

Paulou Monastery, with saints George and Paul, 1870 – 1900, Paulou

Paul Xeropotaminos, founder of Xeropotamos monastery, came at the close of his life to the region and became also the founder of Paulou.

Herman Voogd

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