2174 – Athos related Portable Icons part 2

I have scanned the Athos Digital Heritage database on Portable Icons that have a direct connection with the Holy Mountain. Here is the second part. First the title, then the year when it was made and finally the owner of the icon.

The syntaxis of the Holy Fathers, 1860 – 1960, Dionysiou, fragment

These are all holy men of Mount Athos. In the top row, in the middle Peter the Athonite with the long beard.

Syntaxis of Mount Athos Fathers, 1750 – 1800, Holy Community of Mount Athos (HCoMA) fragment

As in the one above , the central figure is the Panagia, Maria the mother of God.

Agiou Paulou, 1833, Paulou

With the arsanas on the right and on the left the medieval tower who has recently been renovated.

I.M. Sografou and St. George, 1850 – 1900, Paulou
Saint Silouan the Athonite, 2000 – 2017, Dionysiou

Russian saint who worked at the watermill next to Panteleimonos monastery.

Mount Athos from the north east, 1908, Dionysiou
Panagia, 1950 – 1980, Vatopedi
Saint Dionysios, 1800 – 1950, Dionysiou, fragment

The founder of Dionysiou with a model of the monastery in his hand

Simonos Petras, 1870, Paulou

With a clear vision on the aqueduct because the south part of the monastery was not build yet. Watch the garden pulley.

Athanasios, 1700 – 1800, Pantocratoros, fragment

The Founder of Lavra, recognizable by his forked beard.

Saint Gedeon Karakallinos, 1959, Karakallou

The Karakallou monastery and the Mountain on the right.

Saints Pachomaioi, founders of Karakallou monastery, 1891, Karakallou, fragment

Herman Voogd

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