2175 – Athos related Portable Icons part 3

The appearance of the panagia (Virgin Mary) to Athanasios the Athonite, 18075 – 1975, Dionysiou, fragment

The miracle of discovering the place of Holy Water. The source of Athanios on the road to Lavra.

Miraculous icon of the Skete of Saint Andrew, 1850 1950, HCoMA, fragment

Triptych with amongst others the Panagia (Virgin Mary) Vrefokratousa, Christ Child, Saint Efthimios, Saint Onoufrios, Saint Savvas, Spyridon.

Presenting the Miraculous icon of the Skete of Saint Andrew, 1900, Dionysiou, fragment

Two standing saints. Left: Saint Andrew the Apostle, and Right: Saint Antony the Great. . Between them: the Miraculous icon of the Skete of Saint Andrew. The Church of the skete.

The Holy Fathers of the Monastery of Filotheou, 1850 – 1930, Stavronikita, fragment

St Theodosios in bishop’s vestments and mitre, holding a Gospel book, on either side St Filotheos and St Dionysios, holding a cross and a scroll the first and a scroll the second, four undecipherable saints, in monastic habit, the Divine Eye radiating rays of glory.

Saints Symeon and Sabba from Chilandariou, 1873, Stavronikita, fragment
Esfigmenou, 1881. Paulou
Andreou Skete, 1849, Dionysiou, fragment

The first building. In later years the surrounding buildings and the immense church were build.

Saint Andreou and Saint Anthony, 1850 – 1920, Vatopedi, fragment

In the middle the Skete of Andreou and the Mountain.

Syntaxis of Holy Mountain fathers, 1760 – 1860, Dionysiou, fragment
Mara Brankovic gives the Holy Gifts to the monastery of Paulou, 1990 – 2000, Paulou, fragment
Saint Evdokimos Vatopaidinos, 1842, Vatopedi
Vatopedi, 1842, fragment

More icons on the site of the Holy Community of Mount Athos (HCoMA).

Herman Voogd

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